2020 War Binder Setup – Happy New Year!

2020 War Binder Setup - #onmydesk

Have you started thinking about the type of planner, the sections, or the color theme you’re going to use for your 2020 War Binder setup yet? For me, I started writing my ideas down on Thanksgiving weekend. It wasn’t until last week that I actually started working on it. But, below is a little peek of my new 2020 War Binder. Isn’t she pretty? It’s a store-bought, customized planner.

2020 War Binder Setup

This year my War Binder is going to be a little different than previous years. I am adding a couple of new sections, that I hope will help keep me focused. Have you thought of incorporating any new sections this year?

2020 War Binder Setup

So this year I am trying something a little different. I have been struggling with wanting to try a Hobonichi Weeks planner. Which, aren’t cheap and I don’t want to spend the money on something I might not like.

I have also been using a separate journal I made 2 years ago as a “things to remember” journal that I’ve loved. It’s basically a soft-covered journal that I cut to the size of a Hobobnichi journal. This was done without me even knowing about the Hobonichi journals. I believe that it’s very close in size, but the pages are blank. You can see it in the image below.

Anyways, that’s the size that I want. After shopping around I think I’ve come up with something that will work.

2020 War Binder - Things to Remember

While at Walmart I found this grey snap closure planner, that had a spiral-bound planner inside. As soon as I saw it my brain kicked into full gear, and I also grabbed a semi-hard covered notebook that fit the planner perfectly.

Once I got it home I removed the planner, took off the snap closure, and added traveler’s notebook elastic straps. There it is in the image below! I love my stack for 2020!

2020 War Binder Setup - Grey Planner

My sections for 2020

Like I mentioned above there are a couple of new sections in my War Binder this year. I am keeping the following sections the same as my previous years.

Gratitude but adding a Daily Memory to it.
Word of the Year – my 2020 word is Joy
Bible & Monthly Scripture Plan

My new sections will be goals and braindump, I am also adding daily memories to my gratitude section. This will be a one or two-lined sentence about what made my day memorable. I’ll show a picture of my idea below. I will be adding numbers for each day of the month as I go. This spread isn’t that pretty, but the next months will be better thought out.

2020 War Binder - Gratitude & Daily Memory January setup

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the cover of my Gratitude & Daily Memories section. I love how it turned out! What do you think?

gratitude daily memories section

I am also adding a braindump section. After reading an article about calming an active mind, and for the life of me, I can’t remember who wrote the article. This section seemed suitable for part of my goals this year.

Basically it’s an area for clearing out all the mess in your head. There are different ways to do this process, like making lists and prioritizing it, or you can also just write it all in any fashion.

The second method I mentioned is how I plan to do my braindump. Most of the stuff running around in my head, are ideas, projects, thoughts, worries, etc. Later I’ll go back and decide if any of it is worth adding to my goal section or if any of them need to be added to my prayer list. Below is the cover of my brain dump section.

2020 War Binder - Brain Dump

2020 War Binder Setup

The sections that aren’t changing are pretty basic, but I want to briefly mention that I put in each one.

Prayers Section – is the bigger notebook I mentioned I bought early. This will probably be replaced mid-year as it will get filled quicker than the others. I write all my prayers in this section, I don’t section it off for each person, or thing I pray about. Honestly, for me doing sections in my prayer area is just extra work.

Below is the cover of my prayer section. I printed the design and words on vellum then attached it to my notebook. The pink fringe stuff is a piece of fringed edged ribbon I added.

2020 War Binder - Prayer Section

Then the inside cover I added a little vellum pocket and another pretty print on vellum along with the fringed ribbon I mentioned earlier. I can put little note cards inside the pink vellum pocket as well as the gold one that has pray written on it.

Prayer Section inside cover

Remaining sections of my 2020 War Binder

My word for 2020 is Joy, I have a section for this in my war binder. It will have inspirational stuff, scripture, and things that will remind me to find joy, choose joy and be joyful. I have also found a couple of Bible Studies on Joy too. So I will put all my notes from them in this area as well. Here’s the cover of it.

2020 War Binder - Word of the Year Joy

and here’s the inside cover of it. I printed out a dictionary page with the definition of joy, then added pretty print on vellum. I love making my sections pretty but functional. Did you know that when something is appealing to you, you’re more likely going to use it, etc?

Inside cover Word of the Year Joy

The last area I wanted to share was just a single page in the center of my goals section. It has nothing to do with my goals, but it’s a reminder of all the things I love.

Every once in awhile I’ll add a little “I love ___” I know all the things I love obviously I won’t’ forget, I love my hubby, children, etc. But it’s a nice little spot to just bring it all to attention, and focus on the blessings I’ve been given.

Final Thoughts – 2020 War Binder Setup

I believe that using a War Binder for the past 2 years has helped my walk with God greatly. It’s been my lifeline and outlet, a place for me to write down my prayers, scriptures that have spoken to me and ones I feel I need to apply to my life. My war binder has taught me to pray better, pray more and a great place for me to just share my thoughts with God.

There is no wrong or right way to set up a War Binder, it’s got to work for you. My article is written to give you ideas and to hopefully inspire you to create your own War Binder.

If you take anything away from this article today I think my best point would be this. Create a War Binder that works for your walk with God, let it focus on parts of your walk with God you need /want to grow in. If you’re still struggling with creating one, pray about it. God will show you the way.

I am thankful that God has led you here today.

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Many Blessings for the New Year!
<3 ~ Deb ~

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