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Hello Loves! Welcome to Faith Crafts and Coffee! I am Debbie the Faith-fueled, coffee-loving blessed wife, mom, and grandma behind all the shenanigans here.

Debbie the Wife, Mom & Grandma


As a wife, I am extremely grateful to be married to the best Hubby in the world. He’s supportive, understanding, and keeps me grounded. One of my biggest blessings is being a mom and grandma. As a grandma, I find myself glued to their every word, and forgetting about all the rules I used as a mom. Who’d have known that breakfast for dinner would be so fun!

Craftiness behind Debbie

I’ve been crafty and creative since childhood. I would sit in my room for hours hand-making Barbie clothes, as I got older I sewed them on my own sewing machine. One year at Easter time my Auntie Janeane made me a basket filled with sewing notions. I’ll never forget that. As a mom, I would sew my daughter’s dresses. Now as a grandma I am constantly making something pretty for my granddaughters.

When I met my hubby he gave up his office so I could have a creative space. Now that we are in our new home I am thankful to have a beautiful craft room for all my creative whims.


Debbie’s Faith Journey

Never in millions of years did I believe my flightiness, the constant battle with feeling at peace, or that I belonged, would be solved by a book. Well, my friends, it was. This is how my Faith Journey began.

Early one morning while on vacation in PA, as I sat at the kitchen table of my sister-in-law’s house I noticed a pile of books on the counter. One of the books was a pretty pink color, which made me admire them even more.

I remember that morning so clearly as it happened yesterday. Anyways, my sister-in-law was rushing around to get off to work but, kept stopping at the counter where those books were. I kept quiet because I didn’t want to hold her up, and she looked pretty engrossed in the books. When she finally finished reading, she closed and straightened the books before walking upstairs. My curiosity was really getting the best of me that morning, or maybe it was something bigger.

So. . . I stood up and walked over to the counter pretending to put my cup in the sink. But stopped at the books. Yes, it felt like I was snooping and I was afraid of being caught. Isn’t it weird how you still get that feeling when you’re looking at something someone left right in the open?

Anyways that morning in my sister-in-law’s kitchen I found my answer. I knew what I was going to do after our vacation was over. So early October of 2018 as I picked up my new book Jesus Calling along with my own pretty pink Bible my Faith Journey began. I have since completed many Bible studies, and love Bible Journaling.

I’ll be sharing more on my Faith Journey, tons of Crafts, some recipes and so much more here at Faith Crafts & Coffee, my creative outlet.

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