Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies

Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies

When I first started looking into Bible Journaling I searched Pinterest first. Boy, that was intimidating as all get out. It seemed like every link I clicked on the supplies they were using was the high-end ones. But I had to find Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies.

Honestly, I think it’s an obsession of mine, everything has to be budget-friendly. Guess what? I did find them, they work great too! This is why I’ve asked you to join me here today so I can share them with you.

Most needed supply

Probably the first and the most expensive thing you’ll need to get is a Journaling Bible. Now when you start searching for a Journaling Bible don’t be intimidated by all the different ones. Let’s go over the different types I’ve personally come across. I guess I should mention that you can get most Journaling Bibles in your favorite translation ie: NIV, KJV, CSB, etc. That’s probably the easiest thing to understand.

So after you’ve determined the translation you want, you’ll probably notice the following options.

Creative Journaling Bible or Illuminated┬áBible and Beautiful Word Bibles – these have drawings/hand-lettered verses already in them on key verses. These types remind me of a cross between a bible & an adult coloring book.
Single Column – these have a single column of text, then space on the outer areas for journaling.
Double Column – this one has two columns of text, then an area for journaling out the outer edges.
Interleaved – this one has a page of text then a full blank page for journaling.

I have a single column, double column, and an interleaved journaling Bibles. At some point, I had one of the creative journaling Bibles, but I wanted to create not color. And I sent it back. Just remember that little tip while you’re searching. Below I’ve listed a few affordable Journaling Bibles.

Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies

Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies

In the above image, you can see some of my favorite Bible Journaling supplies. But anyway, below is a list of some of the easiest to work with Bible journaling supplies.

Twistable Colored Pencils (thin tips like a pencil great for writing, drawing)
Twistable Crayons (tips are fatter and are good for filling in)
Colored Pencils
Water Colored Pencils (goes on like a pencil, then wet them to deepen colors, which also gives it a painted look)

None of these supplies will bleed through your pages, and none of them need special prepping to use. You can get the above-mentioned items at most local stores. I’ve also listed below some affordable supplies from Amazon for you.

Messy but fun supplies to have

Now for some of the more messier supplies like watercolors, acrylic paints. All these are both fun to use but require a bit more patience. I also suggest that you use a page prepper prior to using either of these. I use a clear gesso as my prepper. It’s also included below. You may also want to put a piece of paper under the page before using them as well. Below are a few affordable ones worth the price.

Useful Supplies to Have

These are supplies that I have that are useful, but you don’t have to have them to Bible Journal. Water coloring paintbrushes or I sometimes call them my water fillable paintbrushes. For drying my pages I use a Heat Tool, it’s perfect for when you don’t want to stop and wait for the page to dry. I love mine it’s the best investment ever. I also have a Tab Punch for punching my own Bible Tabs, each time I finish a page in my journaling Bible I give it a tab. Most of the time it’s the verse or a word and the date.

Lastly, I use Teflon sheets under my pages for the messy supplies. These won’t bleed through and I can cut them to the size I need/want then. They are also very flexible. Again I’ve listed below a few items I found on Amazon that are a bang for your buck!

Pens and Markers for Bible Journaling

I don’t use a lot of markers in my Journaling Bible, I have haven’t found any that didn’t bleed through. So I don’t like suggesting these to folks. But I do have 3 different types of pens that I swear by. The first is Micron PN pens that I use for dates, small crosses I doodle on my pages, and for written words. They can be found in a variety of colors.

Then I use Pilot G-2 pens, these will sometimes leave ghosting or a slight bleed through. But I notice this happens when I leave the pen on the page to long. I use these to underline verses. You can get these in a variety of colors.

Lastly the Tombow hard and soft tips pens, which are great for fancy lettering and adding little decorative things to the edges of your pages.

Once again, I have a list from Amazon to make it easier for you to get them.

Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies – Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned supplies are ones that I have personally used in my Bible Journaling adventure. They are also affordable so it’s not going to mess up your budget.

You can go as simple as using colored pencils or get really creative with paints, and embellishments. But the most important thing is that you’re spending time with God. I will be sharing more about some of the supplies I’ve used and fell in love with a little later in the month. So be sure to follow along, and connect with me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I am also hosting a Bible Journaling Event for October as part of my Bible Journaling with Deb series. Please join in and share your pages with us using #biblejournalingwithdeb.

Many Blessings!

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