Bible Journaling Joshua 1:7-9


Hello Loves! It’s been one of those mornings, and right when I decide to share my Bible Journaling Joshua 1:7-9 page my server decides to get the hiccups. Ugh. It’s ok I busied myself with other tasks and here I am now! I hope your week is going smoothly. So, while I was writing Joshua 1:7-9 in my Bible verse study book, I got this sudden urge to dig deeper into this verse. Sometimes I get these urges and I go with it. In the below image you can see my October Scripture writing/journaling plan, as well as my layout for Joshua 1:7-9 scripture writing page.

Scripture Writing - Joshua 1-7-9

Bible Journaling Joshua 1:7-9

During this plan, I am only going to use the NIV translation for my articles. So all verses seen here will be in the NIV translation. With that said let’s talk about today’s verse.

Joshua 1:7-9 the NIV translation reads as follows:

Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Be sure to write the verses down and a little bit about what God is telling you when you study this verse. What do these verses say to you? Did you look further into this verse like when it took place, and where it took place? Remember how I said earlier I had to urge to dig deeper into this verse? Well before I did I thought/felt one way about this verse. But after digging deeper I saw it differently but the same. Let me explain.

Joshua 1:7

The first thing I learned was that these verses were part of a charge given to Joshua by God. Moses had just died and Joshua was going to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. Joshua 1:7 are God’s words of boldness and encouragement served as an important message to strengthen Joshua for his journey.

God also goes on to command Joshua to follow all His Laws, Laws that Moses had already told him about. He also tells him to keep the Book of Laws with him and study it day and night.

From Joshua 1:7 I took away a few things. A good soldier has to have strength, courage and be obedient. Our strength is the fruit of our Faith. When we open our hearts to let Him in, He fills us with power above our desires and equal to our needs. If we believe He is with us, then we will have the courage to tackle the highest mountain. If you don’t believe then you’ll lack the courage to try.

As a Christian Soldier God’s Law is basically our orders, our code of conduct. In order for us to fully obey God’s Laws, we must know them. This is why it’s important for us to spend time with God, in His Words/Laws/Truth.

Joshua 1:8-9 digging deeper

When we believe in Christ our Savior we gain strength and courage from Him. If we know He’s with us, we don’t need to be afraid or get discouraged. When we face fear or get discouraged all we have to do is grasp onto God’s hand harder and He will come to our aid with His all-conquering powers. He’s is always with us! Amen!

Bible Journaling Joshua 1:7-9 – My page

I wanted to show strength, and courage in my creativeness on these verses. But they mean so much more than just being strong and having courage. So I went simple but I think it turned out pretty. What do you think?

Bible Journaling Joshua 1-7-9

Supplies I used:

Acrylic paints – blue, black, and white
Clear Gesso – for prepping my page
Micron PN Black Pen – for date and tab words
Tracing Paper, Printer
Wide Paint Brush – for applying the gesso
Pointed Tip Paint Brush – for the crosses and dots
Heat Tool – to dry my page
Tab Punch – to punch my tab

If you’d like to buy any of the items I mention, use the links I’ve listed here. I am an Amazon affiliate and earn a small portion of sales that are generated from my site. It doesn’t cost you any extra but helps me to keep bringing you these articles.

Bible Journaling Joshua 1-7-9 - Supplies

Bible Journaling Joshua 1:7-9 creating it

To create this page I first printed the image I wanted to use on tracing paper. I use tracing paper for a couple of reasons. It’s thin and easily adheres to my pages. Most importantly because it’s so thin it doesn’t absorb so much printer ink, which helps to keep the ink cost down.

After you’ve got your image printed, cut away any extra white edges from the image. Then apply a thin coat of gesso to the entire page in your Journaling Bible.

Painting the page

Now it’s time to add some color to your page I used a blue acrylic paint that I slightly watered down. I wanted my page to be bright so I only added a bit of water. If you want your page to be light add more water to your paint. For this page, I went from left to right on my paint strokes. Next, dry the page again with your heat tool. Now you’re going to add another layer of gesso to the page.

Then immediately lay the image you printed out on top of the wet gesso, using your wide paint brush push down on the edges. Don’t swipe the brush over the image, it will cause the ink to bleed.

After you’ve gotten all the edges flat against the page use the heat tool to dry the page. As you’re drying it if you see creases turn the page over so you can see the back and dry from the back. Then turn it back over and dry the front and gently run your hand over the image to flatten it out some. The first time I tried this technique I had a few wrinkles in the image. But after a while with my Bible closed they seemed to flatten out. So don’t worry if you get a few wrinkles.

Creating the page cont.

Now it’s time to add a bit of character to the corners. I used black and white acrylic paint and my pointy paintbrush. First I put three crosses in the corners, using black paint. Then I added 3 more to the center-left area to fill in some of the blank spots. After drying the page I added some little blue and white dots in the area of my crosses. Again, I dried my page and then added the date and tab. On my tab I wrote the verse on the upper area and dated it on the lower area. I love how this page turned out, the colors look really good together. What do you think?

Bible Journaling Joshua 1:7-9 Final Thoughts

In regards to the verses, I know I get my strength and courage from God. It took me a long time to trust Him, but I am finally getting there. He’s answered so many of my prayers, how can I not trust Him? Prayers that I’ve asked for direction in and God only knows how many times He’s shouted at me by revealing verses to me. One day I’ll share all that with you.

I have learned that spending time with Him daily is important to me/for me. Even more important is me learning His Laws, the Laws of conduct He’s given us all.

The changes I’ve seen in my life this past year, I know are God’s doing! But I would have never seen those changes if I hadn’t first looked for Him, invited Him in, and decided to finally surrender to Him. Oh, it was a battle between Him and I. I am stubborn and always felt I could do things on my own. Honestly, I grew up thinking that if I wanted something done right, I had to just do it myself. Boy, was I wrong! It takes someone greater than me to accomplish some of the things our God has done in me.

If I inspire you in any way today, let it be that you seek God, read His words and ask Him to come into your life. He’s waiting for you!

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Many Blessings!

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