Bible Journaling Matthew 11:28

Bible Journaling Matthew 11-28 - FaithCraftsandCoffee

Hello Loves! I hope your week is going smoothly, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. Happy Hump Day! So today we are discussing and Bible Journaling Matthew 11:28 from our October Scripture writing/journaling plan.

What does Matthew 11:28 say?

Oh, before we talk about the verse, I want to remind you that throughout our October Bible Journaling plan I will be using the NIV translations for the verses. With that said, let’s see what this verse says.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. РMatthew 11:28

When you read this verse, write it down and meditate on it, what is God telling you? Don’t forget to write down your thoughts about this verse.

For me, it’s a warm invitation from Jesus for us to come to Him. Come as we are, the broken, burdened, the weary and He’ll give us rest. Jesus offers this promise of rest to all those that seek Him for salvation. It’s open to all of those who believe in His name.

The rest Jesus promises isn’t anything like what we believe to be a good night’s rest. No, my friends, it goes beyond anything we can understand, it goes deep into our souls. He gives this freely as a gift of grace for all those that “Come” to Him.

Bible Journaling Matthew 11-28 - FaithCraftsandCoffee - my bible

Bible Journaling Matthew 11:28

For my journaling page on Mattew 11:28, I forgot to take a picture of the supplies I used. Don’t worry because I’ll still give you a list of the ones I used below.

Tracing Paper
Acrylic Paints
Paint Brushes
Clear Gesso
Heat Tool

I created this page slightly different from my previous shared pages. This one was created by tracing an image I found onto my page. All you have to do is find the image you like, print it and place under the page you’re journaling on. Many of the journaling Bibles have thin/see-through pages and work great for tracing.

After you’ve traced the design to your page, turn it over and erase any lines that were made when you were tracing. Then prep your page with the clear gesso and dry it fully. Now you can paint the design any way you like, make sure you dry it afterward. Then add you’re lettering, tab, verse, and date. I can’t stress this enough, always date your work.

Bible Journaling Matthew 11-28 - FaithCraftsandCoffee - my desk

Final Thoughts

We have an amazing God, that invites us to come to Him when we are weary, burden, and tired. He promises to give those that believe in His name rest. A rest beyond anything we could imagine and nothing compared to what we consider as good night’s rest.

Don’t just seek Him when you’re weary, burden but seek God always. Spend time with Him daily, we have many opportunities to spend with Him. He doesn’t care if you’re talking to Him while you brush your teeth, He just wants a little bit of our time. Trust me that little bit of time will make a world of difference.

Feel free to share this article with anyone you know that needs a reminder of God’s love for us. Also, follow along on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook too. You might also like to learn more about keeping a War Binder/Faith Journal a great Bible Study tool.

Bible Journaling Matthew 11-28 - FaithCraftsandCoffee
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