Bible Journaling Micah 5:2

Bible Journaling Micah 5-2

Oh my goodness! I am super behind in sharing all the pages I’ve done during the advent season. This advent season I’ve learned so much about the true meaning behind the season. But I know I have so much more to learn and can’t wait to see how much I’ve grown by next advent season! Anyways here are my Bible Journaling Micah 5:2 pages in each one of the Bibles I journal in. In case you didn’t know yet, I journal in 5 different Bibles so that I can pass them along to my children and granddaughters.

Bible Journaling Micah 5-2 - My Bible

Bible Journaling Micah 5:2

The above page is in my Journaling Bible, which I’ll eventually give to my hubby.

Micah 5:2 reads – Bethlehem Ephrathah, you are small among the clans of Judah; one will come from you to be ruler over Israel for me. His origin is from antiquity, from ancient times.

Bethlehem was a small relatively unknown town, but the ancient prophecy claimed a great ruler would come from there. We all now know who the great ruler is! So what can we take from this verse other than the obvious? I’ll share my thoughts below, but first here’s another page I did on Micah 5:2.

Micah 5-2 - Bible Journaling

Micah 5:2 – the verse

So what can we take away from this verse? Let’s think about it. The King of Kings, our God, our Father, Our Savior was born in the little town of Bethlehem. A little unknown town that had such a HUGE impact on us all!

So, when you’re feeling small or like you’re not a big deal, remember that something very important came from a small, unknown town. We never know how big of an impact God intends for us to make. God, made us the way we are for a reason. We are more equipped than we think we are. Choose to use the God-given gifts and talents God has given you to make a difference in your life, in the lives of others. You may feel small, but one very BIG, and an important person created you, and He did so with a purpose. Seek God and ask Him to show you the way He wants you to go. You’ll soon realize that feeling of being small and that you’re not a big deal is gone.

On each of my pages, I have a reminder that out of a small unknown town we all received our Savior, our King, the One who saved us all. What a wonderful blessing we’ve been given! Below is another page from one of my Bibles.

Journaling Micah 5-2 #biblejournalwithdeb

Each page I created is so different but they each have the same little written bits. My hope for the loves receiving these bibles is that they are reminded of what a big deal that little town meant. I hope they all know that even when they feel small, or unimportant that God, Our Father, and Savior has big plans for them. Another page below.

Bible Journaling Micah 5-2 page 2

Lastly but not least my final page. I love them all so much and really felt God working with me while creating them. This verse really spoke to me, at a moment when I needed it.

Micah 5-2 #adventjournaling

Final Thoughts

O Little Town of Bethlehem how great you are! Out of your little unknown streets was born our Savior, the King of Kings, our Father, our Messiah. A little baby born to save us all. It brings tears to my eyes reflecting on this verse as I write this article.

Seek God this year, find Him, talk to Him and let Him lead you on the path He planned for you to walk down. Some days I feel like I’ve missed so much and I have so much more to learn. There are days I reflect on all the wasted years of not knowing God as I do now, and it saddens me. My hopes are that you find Him before this feeling hits you too.

I am thankful that God has led you here today. May He bring you as much Joy as He’s brought into my life.

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