Bible Journaling Psalm 100:4

Bible Journaling Psalm 100-4 - #biblejournalwithdeb

So, I have a confession that I am shamefully admitting to today. I am horrible when it comes to showing my thankfulness. Wait, before you think I am a horrible person, let me explain. It’s not that I am not thankful, it’s just that I believe I should be expressing my thankfulness more openly. Or maybe I do show it and I am completely overthinking it. Anyways, I feel so strongly about this that I’ve decided my word of 2020 will be thankful/thankfulness. But the main reason I’ve invited you here today is to share my Bible Journaling Psalm 100:4 page and thoughts on the verse.

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Psalm 100:4

I believe after much research into this verse, that this is another very powerful verse. There are so many elements to it, well I believe there is and I am going to try to explain it. But first, let’s see how the verse reads. Again, I am using the Christian Standard Bible for this scripture plan.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name. – Psalm 100:4

In this verse, we know that it is after the nations’ were given their new status as part of the worshiping community of faith. They were also given 3 commands on how they should approach the temple.

First, they must enter, remember before the veil was split in two it was forbidden. Not only to enter but they are also invited to enter into the courts. Secondly, they are commanded to give thanks for God’s mercy. Lastly, they are commanded to praise God.

In modern times, we walk into our place of worship with thanksgiving, and we sing songs of praise, and lastly, we humbly bow lifting our hands in thanksgiving and praise Him.

I didn’t really find much of a commentary of this verse. But it’s definitely something I am going to spend some more time researching.

Bible Journaling Psalm 100:4 – The Page

Bible Journaling Psalm 100-4

For this page, I used 2 fall-themed napkins and printed the verse & date, clear gesso. For adding color I used my watercolored pencils. I love how this page turned out.

So, first I used a thin-tipped paintbrush dipped in water to remove the pieces of the napkin I wanted to use. To do this you basically dip your brush in water. Then run the brush along the outer edge of the napkin design you want to use.

Next, I put a thin coat of gesso on my page and placed the napkin pieces where I wanted them. Then I used my heat tool to dry the pieces. After that, I cut the verse into strips and added some color and secured them in place with gesso. I then highlighted the verse, underlined keywords. At the top of the page I added my tab and the date at the bottom of the page. I finished off with another coat of gesso on the entire page.

Bible Journaling Psalm 100:4 – Final thoughts

What did you learn from this verse, and what was God speaking to you? I hope you’ll join in and work through this Thankfulness scripture plan with me. If you decide you want to join in, make sure you use #thankfulness hashtag when you share your pages, study notes, etc.

I am thankful that God has led you here today.

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Have a blessed day!

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