Bible Journaling Psalm 19-10

Bible Journaling Psalm 19-10 . This bible journal page was created last year. Beautiful honey comb and a bumblebee

I came across my Bible Journaling Psalm 19-10 Pinterest pin today and thought I’d share it with you all. I haven’t Bible journaled since before our move in April. One month of packing, the move, then getting everything unpacked and in place.

Honestly, up until about 2 weeks ago, I kept myself pretty busy with getting the new house ready. But I am excited to say that after this weekend, we are done! Friday we are having two new air conditioner units installed. One for upstairs, which is the reason for the new units. It decided it was done working and the craft room was a whopping 98 degrees last night. The main unit is working but, we want to go to more energy efficient units. Anyways after this then we can go back to a bit of normal.

I have missed Bible Journaling and those quiet mornings, it’s going to refreshing to start again.

Bible Journaling Psalm 19-10

You know that old saying “you never know what you have until it’s gone” well that’s pretty much where I am at with missing Bible Journaling. Let me explain. Bible journaling is something I enjoy doing, journaling also put me in the right mind frame, and it kept me focused on what I needed to focus on. It’s been something missing from my daily life for about 4 months.

Realizing how much I truly needed this time, and how I depended on it hit me hard yesterday. Come Monday or sooner if I can manage it, I’ll be sitting in my new craft studio working on a new Bible Journaling page. This girl is going to be so happy that day too! Anywho, let’s get back to my Bible Journaling Psalm 19-10 page.

Bible Journaling Psalm 19-10 - A beautiful yellow honeycomb, and a bumble bee.

Bible Journaling – Faith & Crafts

I really love how this Bible journaling page turned out. The colors worked really well together, this verse really hit me and got the creative vibes going.

The vibes were really flowing that day which also encouraged me to craft up a Bible Verse card to go along with the bible journaling page. I even made a little planner clip page marker too.

Bible Journaling My Escape

Over the course of almost 2 years I have journaled on many Bible verses. From the first one to the one I created 4 months ago that feeling of peace still remains. It’s calming and makes me remember the important things.

If I could only put into words exactly what it does for me I would. There is Hope that one day one of my pages will inspire someone else to pick up the Book of Truth. I hope that when they do that feeling I struggle to explain fills them as much as it fills me.

Bible Journaling Psalm 19-10 -1 Beautiful honey comb and a bumblebee

Closing Thoughts

Like I said above I am looking forward to Monday when I can get back to Bible Journaling. Those early quiet mornings with the good Lord bring me so much peace, it grounds me and keeps me focused on what I need to focus on.

There are blessings that I’ve been given, and blessings I am sure I have forgotten about but I know where those blessings come from. I am forever grateful for His love.

There will be many more Bible Journaling Pages to come promise. Some will be pages I’ve done and some will be new ones. I can’t wait to share some of my Faith with you all!

OXOX ~ Debbie

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