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As a beginning, Bible Journaler knowing which Bible Journaling Supplies to get can be stressful. There are tons of different pens, pencils, markers, and paints. Then when you start researching different supplies you come across things like twistable crayons, gelly roll pens, pigment pens and well you get the picture. It’s pretty mind-boggling. So hopefully after you’ve left Faith Crafts and Coffee you’ll have a better understanding of the different Bible Journaling supplies.

Start Simple

I always tell my granddaughter’s, “start simple and work from there”. That’s really the less stressful and non-overwhelming way to start. There are a few things to remember when you start gathering your Bible Journaling supplies.

1 – You don’t have to have the most popular supplies.
2 – They don’t have to cost a lot of money.
3 – Work with supplies you’re comfortable working with.

So let’s talk about tip # 1, just because “Suzy” (I made her up just now) is using these fancy popular double-tipped markers doesn’t mean you have too. You can get the same effect with some less popular supplies too. Shop around for your supplies, compare different brands.

2. Some supplies can be expensive. I finally realized by trial and error that just because they cost more/are more popular doesn’t mean they are the right product for me. Again shop around/compare brands. Supplies shouldn’t break the bank!

3. With anything, we do it’s more enjoyable when we are using things we are comfortable with. Again just because “Suzy” (I think I might have always wanted to be a Suzy) is using high-gloss oil paints that work for her, doesn’t mean you’ll feel as comfortable using them. If you work best with colored-pencils, markers, and crayons then go for it. Use them!

Bible Journaling Supplies – The Basics

I started with basic Bible journaling supplies when I started journaling. What do I mean by the basics? These are the standard color pencils, crayons, and ballpoint colored pens. They are the easiest to find, the least expensive, and easy to work with. Below is a list of some of the basic supplies I started with.

Crayola Crayons
Crayola Colored Pencils
BIC Cristal Ballpoint Stick Pens, Bold Point, Assorted Ink, 24/Pack
Pencils for sketching

That’s the very basics of supplies you need to get started. They won’t cost a lot of money and they are easy to work with. Grab a few today and start your own journey.

A little more Creative

There comes a point in your Bible Journaling journey where you’ll want to create something more than what the basic supplies are giving you. No matter how much I fought it there was this part of me that had to try markers, paints, napkins, water colored pencils, different ink pens, etc. When you feel yourself getting to that point here are a few supplies to pick up.

Watercolor Pencils (any brand will work) Crayola, Prismacolor
Watercolor Paints (any brand will work)

Watercolored pencils and paints won’t seep through to the other side of your Journaling Bible page. They are safe to use without doing any prepping to the pages. They are also easy to work with and affordable.

I know I mentioned markers, napkins, and ink pens above. Don’t worry I’ll be sharing those in my upcoming posts of this series. I will also be sharing some techniques and other ways to get creative in your Bible Journaling Journey. Below you can see some of the pages I’ve created.

Bible Journaling Pages

Final Thoughts.

Remember that this is your journey, your time to spend in God’s word. Make it special for you, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Probably the most important thing I can pass along is this “You don’t have to create perfect pages” make mistakes, draw, color and create as you feel the verse speak to you. God doesn’t want perfect, He only wants time with you.

Bible-Journaling-Supplies-Faith Crafts and Coffee

In my next article, I’ll share some of the supplies that require page prepping. These ones are fun to work with, but aren’t as easy as some of the ones I spoke about today. If you’d like to see some of the Bible Journaling pages, that I haven’t shared here follow along on Pinterest and Instagram

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