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Bible Study - Bible Journaling #faithcraftsandcoffee

Hello Loves, I am here today to talk about something I am very passionate about Bible Study – Bible Journaling. My hopes are to help you understand the difference between Bible Study – Bible Journaling. Then give you a starting point on where to begin for both of them.

Please note that this is how I do my Bible studies and Bible journaling. There are many different styles of each of them. This article is explaining the ways that fit my faith walk, and my faith needs. I hope to help others know how to start their own faith walk to build a closer relationship with, God.

Bible Study - Bible Journaling #biblestudy

Bible Study

Bible study is the study of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religious or spiritual practice. Basically it’s learning scriptures and apply what you’ve learned in your everyday life.

You have to determine which translation of the Bible works best for you.
My favorites are King James Version, English Standard Version, Christian Standard Bible. One of the best ways to determine which Bible you like is to go to Bible Hub. They have different translations of the Bible and you can see which one reads easiest to you. I currently have several translations, I love to cross-reference verses in the various translations.

Different types of Bible Study

There are a few different ways to study scripture, as well as methods. The first way is a word study, this is where you take a word and find scriptures about that word.

A Word study is great for those of us that pick a word for the New Year. You replaced your resolutions with truth from God’s Word. A focus on one theme all year, helping you filter decisions, calm emotions, and face each day with resolve. Examples of words to study would be: Gratitude, Hope, Joy, Gather, Bloom, Anxiety, and Calm. The word has to suit your current season or something you feel you need to work on.

Dayspring has a little quiz you can take here to help you find your word. I choose Joy for my word of the year but took the quiz anyway to see what I’d get. It was Bloom which, I am pretty sure goes hand in hand with Joy. Definitely going to look into how those two words would intertwine.

Daily Devotional

A daily devotional is a great help to getting started with Bible Study. Most daily devotionals have an over-all theme and are written to use for a year. All the devotionals I’ve done provide a verse, a little blurp about the verse and a couple of thought-provoking questions.

Some of my favorites are Jesus Calling, Jesus Always – both by Sarah Young. I will be starting Unshakable by Christine Caine in January. Its theme is finding unwavering strength in God’s Word. I picked out this devotional in mid-October when a Bible study friend shared it with me.

Most of the time I’ll pick a devotional that works with my word of the year. I’ll probably find a bible study on my word to go along with my daily devotional. Below is another image of an example of my scripture study. It’s a She Reads Truth CSB translation, a navy leather-like cover bible. You can find it here. Another one of my favorite bibles that has plenty of note-taking space is the NIV Journal the Word Bible here.

Bible Study - #biblestudynotes

Studies on Books of the Bible

You can also find Bible Studies that focus on different Books of the Bible. These types of studies break a particular Book from the Bible down into understandable words.

Most of the time they explain, where, when, and who wrote the book. They also teach you ways to apply the scriptures in your own life. As well as thought-provoking questions to guide the study.

I have done several studies like this and find them very helpful at helping me understand each Book better. Some of the studies I’ve done are Book of Job, Numbers, and several on Psalms.

Bible Studies in General

There are a lot of great Bible Studies out there. Here are a few that I’ve done and found to be very helpful.

War Room by Alex and Stephen Kendrick- This is a must-read study and there is also a movie on it. You have to do them both! You can find the movie here and the book here.

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer – Follow up War Room with this Book. This study takes you deeper into the methods of study used in War Room. I carry this book around with me when I study my Bible. It’s crammed pack with inspiring, helpful information. You can find it on Amazon here.

The Battle Plan for Prayer another book by the Kendrick brothers. Another must-read book, that teaches you how to pray with strategic strategies. The book can be found here on Amazon.

All three of these books have been eye-openers for me and helped kick start my love of Bible studies.

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling is where you write little notes about the verse you’re studying, and add a creative spin to it. You can buy a Bible made for Journaling, I’ll share a few in a bit.

There are also, many different ways to do the creative part of your faith walk. I will explain a few a little later in this article. The below image is an example from my Journaling Bibles. I am currently journaling in 5 different journaling bibles for loved ones to have when I am gone.

Bible Journaling #myjournalingbibles

My Creative Bible – Journaling Bibles

There are many styles of Journaling Bibles, in various translations too. If you like being creative but don’t want to do the drawing or art yourself don’t worry. There are journaling bibles made for you. They are the My Creative Bibles, Beautiful Word Coloring Bible, and the Inspire Bible.

These bibles have an average of 500 pre-drawn graphics on some of the more well-known verses. I don’t have any of these type Bibles to share, but recommend them to those that like to color.

Interleaved ESV Journaling Bible

Interleaved Journaling Bible

The interleaved journaling bible has one page of scripture next to a full blank page for creative work. I love this type of journaling bible because you get a full page to be creative on. But I haven’t been able to find it in any other translation but ESV. In the above image, you can see the cover of my Interleaved Bible. The below image is an example of a page in it, as well as my pretty little clips.

Interleaved ESV Journaling Bible #peace

My pretty clips all marking a page I’ve completed in my bible.

Interleaved ESV Journaling Bible #mybibleclips

Single Column & Double Column Journaling Bibles

Then there are the Single and Double Column journaling bibles. I have 3 of these I believe in a couple of different translations. A single column journaling bible has one column of scripture, and then room for creative work. The area for your creative work sometimes has very faint lines. See the below image example of one of mine.

Micah 5-2 #biblejournalwithdeb

The double-column journaling bible is similar but has two rows of scripture, then creative space. I don’t have any of these types of journaling bibles.

Illustrating Bible from Dayspring

The final type of Journaling Bible I will introduce to you is the Illustrating Bible by Dayspring. This is the biggest version of a Journaling Bible I’ve found. It’s spiral bound with thicker pages and has one column of scripture per page. I have found this Bible on Amazon here for $20 less than on Dayspring.

This was an obsession of mine, I just had to have this journaling bible. I believe I got wrapped up in the Pinterest/Instagram hoopla. All the pretty pages everyone created made me want one too. But trust me you can create all the same prettiness in a journaling bible that costs 1/3 of this one.

Journaling Micah 5-2 - My Bible

The plus side is that there is a ton of space, and the pages are a tad bit thicker.

Bible Journaling Colossians 3-15 - FaithCraftsandCoffee

Bible Study – Bible Journaling
the creative ways

Like I mentioned above there are several ways to get creative in your journaling Bible. Some of the more popular ways are drawing and coloring, painting, using stickers & embellishments, napkins, and printouts.

I have done a bit of each of the ways I mentioned. The above image has a page where I used a handful of media to create the page. I used a napkin for the base, added some embellishments, puffy stickers and finished off with cut-outs.

Honestly, you can get as creative as you want with your pages. Work from a step by step plan, work strictly on what you feel as you study the verse. Pile a bunch of media on your table and see what God helps you create with them.

There is no right or wrong way, there isn’t a set of rules to follow either. The most important thing is you’re spending time in God’s word with God. Whatever you create you’ll have done it with God’s help, and out of the love, you have for Him.

Bible Study – Bible Journaling
Final Thoughts

I want to help anyone in any way that I can with starting their walk with God. If you don’t understand something you’ve read here feel free to email me your questions.

Bible Study is meant to help you learn God’s Truth. We study the Bible so that we grow closer to God, and apply what we’ve learned to our own life. It sets a direction for the path God wants us to take. There is so much more to Bible study, but you’ll find your own meanings when you start.

Bible Journaling is the creative side to Bible study, it gives us extra time in God’s word and with God. When you first start bible journaling you’ll be creating from your thoughts, plans, etc. As you grow in your faith you’ll be able to say something entirely different.

You’ll start to notice you’re creating without thinking, or you thought of one way and finished with something entirely different. That my friend is when you’ll know you’ve grown in your faith. It’s when you’ll realize that you are creating with God, and he’s helping you for His glory. I didn’t believe others when I started studying- journaling. But believe this, it will happen to you too!

Trust God and Have Faith.

Trust God, have faith even a little bit will work and you’ll see Him working in you.

I am thankful that God has led you here today. 2020 is going to be a big year for Faith Crafts and Coffee! I will be sharing more Bible Journaling and Bible Study Plans, articles on techniques & supplies. And so much more! Bookmark us and come back often!

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Many Blessings <3
~ xoxo ~

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