Cleaning – Keeping it Clean

Cleaning - Keeping it Clean #faithcraftsandcoffee

Cleaning – Keeping it clean, I know this sounds like the punch line to a really good joke. But it’s not! As a mom of 5 and grandma to 7 littles, I’ve been around the block a few times. More like I’ve done a ton of cleaning in my days, but it’s gotten easier.

The best part is I am about it share my cleaning tips with you! But from the looks of my craft room this morning, (in the below image) I probably should be practicing these tips a little more myself. Ugh, I promise it was tidy yesterday morning!

Cleaning - Keeping it Clean #mycraftroom

Cleaning – Keeping it Clean

Now, I am all about having a clean and tidy home. Actually, I am a firm believer that everything has its place. But it’s not easy teaching others my OCD habits.

But, honestly keeping your home clean in between cleanings is actually all about daily habits. Habits for not only yourself but the entire family. Yep, you read that right, I said habits. So, the more you do them the more likely they will be habits that stick.

Cleaning – Keeping it clean
Daily Cleaning Habits

Again, these are daily habits that you and your family can do. Most of these habits can be done by your littles too.

Make your bed – a simple task that makes your bedroom look tidy at first glance. You can teach this habit to everyone in the house. Your little(s) may not get it perfect, but with practice, they’ll eventually get it.

Tidy floors – this is another simple task and involves putting shoes in their place, picking up clothes off the floors, toys, etc. This daily habit is great for the tweens and teens in the house.

Our 19 yr. old son, and 11 yr. granddaughter are bad about leaving clothes on the floors. I am constantly telling them both, pick up your clothes. My 8 yr. old granddaughter is so much better at this. She will actually take her clothes to the laundry room. She’s such a sweet, caring little girl.

Do a load of laundry daily – I just started doing this and trust me it makes so much of a difference. Normally, I’ll do wash twice a week, but depending on how much my granddaughter’s sleepover maybe three times. I have found that doing one load of laundry a day, helps to cut down the amount of time I spend washing tremendously.

When the girls are here I have them bring the clothes to the laundry room, load the washer, and put the clothes in the dryer for me. This is a simple task but makes them feel like they are helping. Plus it’s teaching them responsibility and they are learning how to wash too.

Daily cleaning habits cont.

Never leave a room empty-handed – as you’re going from room to room always grab things that were left behind. Ex: as you walk into the bathroom you see a towel left on the side of the tub, grab it and put back where it belongs. Do this throughout each room, as this will help keep clutter down. But never grab a pile of clutter and put it into another room, if you can’t put away the clutter you grabbed just leave it for cleaning day.

Cleaning supplies at hand – keep a bucket under each bathroom sink with cleaning supplies, rags, scrub brushes, and extra bags for the trash cans. This way if you walk into a bathroom and see a messy mirror the supplies you need are handy. This makes spot cleaning and my major cleaning so much easier.

Bathrooms – if you see a mirror with fingerprints, toothpaste splashes, etc. Give it a quick wipe down. Grab any towels, left behind and refold/hang hand towels. Give the toilet a quick wipe if needed.

Clean as you mess up – this is a big . . . big . . . helping habit that I can’t stress enough. Also, it’s a habit that I might be guilty of neglecting too. This is probably why my craft room went from spotless to a disaster yesterday as I was setting up my Faith Journal/War Binder for 2020.

I have always taught my kids, and granddaughters if you make a mess clean it up before making a new mess. Definitely, something I need to practice what I preach. Clean as you go is the best habit you can form, and teach your family to do.

Cleaning – Keeping it Clean
Last but not least Cleaning Habit

Keep the Kitchen Sink/Counters Clean – this is huge in our house. If I see dishes in the sink it bothers me beyond what I want to openly admit. I always try to keep the dirty dishes down to a minimum of a cup/glass or two.

I find that if I unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher as soon as, I can then load the dirty ones as needed. Keep the kitchen counters clean, and clear of clutter. By keeping your counters clear of clutter, it will help give your kitchen a clean and tidy appearance.

Cleaning - Keeping it Clean #faithcraftsandcoffee

Cleaning – Keeping it Clean
Final thoughts

These cleaning habits are great for the whole family, get them involved in the everyday tidiness of your home. If you incorporate just a couple of these habits into your daily life, they will help tremendously at keeping your home clean.

If you were to incorporate all the above-mentioned habits you’d spend less than an hour daily cleaning. Then on regular cleaning days you’ll spend less time then too. No one likes to clean all the time, nor do we like our homes to be messy. But with these daily cleaning habits, you’ll see a big difference in cleaning – keeping it clean.

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~ Many Blessings ~

Faith grows when we believe and declare God’s Word in our lives. And when we stand on His promises.

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