Color Coding Your Bible – Rights and Wrongs?

Color Coding Your Bible #onmydesk

Hello Loves! Happy Friday! I hope your week was productive and you had time to seek Him. Either way, always remember Jesus Loves You! So what’s #onmydesk this morning? A lot actually! As I was looking through a few of my posts on Pinterest I saw some on Color Coding Your Bible.

Anything to do with making my Bible Studying more productive always sparks my interest. But, 9 times out of 10 I start to doubt my current methods, and I am doing things right, or wrong, etc. Then I wonder how many others get stuck in the Pinterest “how-to” ruts. With that said, I thought I’d share my own little how-to. Nah, actually it’s quite the opposite.

Color Coding Your Bible #onmydesk #faithcraftsandcoffee

Color Coding Your Bible

Honestly, is there a right or wrong way to color-code your Bible? Not in my eyes, and pretty I am sure God doesn’t care if we highlight important verses with pink and blue polka dots. He wants us to spend time with Him, even when we are coloring the verses in our Bible. Before we get further into the reason I am here sharing this with you today, let’s get something out and in the open.

Writing, coloring, highlighting and journaling in your Bible is completely acceptable. I was one of those people that thought it was wrong to do all of the above-mentioned things to my Bible. Writing in my Bible was weird, coloring in my Bible was even weirder, and journaling with paints and stuff like that was the weirdest.

But then, I learned how much it actually helped me, I was learning more verses, being creative is my thing, so doing it and spending time with God it became so much more. To help me ease into writing in my Bible I used post-it notes, I still use them when I have a lot to say about a verse.

But there are a few rules to this as well. What we aren’t supposed to do is, mark or write in your Bible to deface or desecrate it.

But there is nothing wrong when you do so with good intentions. Now that we’ve gotten that bit of information out in the open. Let’s talk about some things I learned about color coding your bible.

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Color Coding Your Bible – Your Way!

There are a couple of Bibles on the market that are color-coded for anyone interested. This NIV Rainbow Study Bible here and a KJV Rainbow Study Bible here, and then there is this one. They seem interesting but I have yet to get one for myself.

So for anyone interested in the Bible I am currently using you can find it here. It’s a SheReadsTruth Bible CSB and I am loving it. It’s not the only Bible I have, as most of you already know I might have an obsession with Bibles.

Anyways let’s get back to Color Coding Your Bible. There is not a right or wrong way, to do this! It’s more like the right way for you to understand verses better, and spend more time in God’s word. That’s it! Plain and simple, the colors you use in your Bible are your colors. The way you highlight, underline or circle the words in verses should be done in a way that leads you to a fuller understanding of God’s word.

Some little tips from me to you!

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the course of a year’s Bible Study adventure.

Picking Colors The colors you use to highlight verses need to work for you. If you’re trying to follow someone that highlights their verses in orange, and you dislike that color. Guess what’s going to happen? Yep, if you guessed you’d pay less attention to the verse highlighted in orange you’re right. So pick colors that are appealing to you, also remember the colors you pick should highlight the verse not obscure it.

I use pink, blue, green, yellow, purple. Here are the highlighters I am using. I love them because I can erase any areas that I accidentally highlighted the wrong color.

Tips continued

Highlighting VersesHighlight verses you study, in meaningful colors.
Meaningful & Verses God points you to highlight in your favorite color. I use pink.
Everyday verses highlight in another color. Currently, I used either yellow or green.
Significate words should be highlighted or underlined in another color. Most of the time I highlight in green and underline the word or phrases.

Underlining- Circling and Drawing Arrows – I currently don’t do a lot of circling in my Bible. I am one of those OCD people and like things to be tidy. The circles with the underlining and arrows I currently do make it appear messy to me. Circling didn’t help with my Bible study, as I kept seeing a mess and not the verses.

However, I do use a lot of arrows and underlining. When I come across a verse more than once in my studies, it normally has more meaning, which means I put more notes about it in my Bible. When I do this most of the time my notes are higher, off to the corner or in an opposite margin. By placing an arrow from the verse to my notes it helps me remember later what verse it belongs too. Generally, I will underline words or phrases in verses that stood out, or when I want to cross-reference it with other verses.

Color Coding Your Bible - DebsBible

Final Thoughts – Color Coding Your Bible

No matter how many articles you read about Color Coding Your Bible, it has to work for you. It has to be in a way that not only helps your Bible Study time, but it’s got to also encourage you to spend more time doing it.

The tips I’ve shared with you today work for me, but may not work for you. When I first started my walk with God, I got overwhelmed in the hoopla of it all. Me being a visual person I found myself stuck in the “oh that’s pretty, I want it/want to do that” world. Not only did it mess with valuable time I could have been spending with God, my family, etc. but it also was costly. Big mistake, but one I learned from it and so I am passing along these lessons to you. Do what’s right for your walk with God.

Feel free to share this article with anyone you know that needs a reminder of God’s love for us. Also, follow along on PinterestInstagram, and Facebook too. You might also like to learn more about keeping a War Binder/Faith Journal a great Bible Study tool.

Many Blessings!
Deb ~

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