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When we were searching for our new house, one of the necessities we always considered was room for a craft room. I had torn feelings about taking over a room etc, but my Hubby nearly insisted. Honestly the day we walked into the house we ended up buying I knew which room would be my craft room. Nearly 3 months later, I am finally ready to share my craft room tour. The below image is how the room looked the day we decided we wanted our house. Of course, the furniture belonged to the previous owner and didn’t stay.

Original Room

New Craft Room Tour

Again I was torn on taking a room and making it my craft room, but the Hubby insisted. Honestly, I am happy he did. The first thing we had done was shampooed, disinfect and stain guard the rug. We thought about putting in hardwood floor in this room but decided to keep the rug because it was in excellent condition.

Our next step was getting the rooms painted. Before we had all our things packed from our old house, I already had the paint colors picked for our new house. This room went from blue and brown, to turquoise, grey, and white.

I painted all the furniture that would come to the new house white prior to moving from our old house. My decor would be pops of turquoise and grey. I had to get some shelves, and tables for the new craft room. This room is much bigger from the room I used in our old house. (shown below) The color scheme is so much different too.

Old House Room

New House – New Room

Again, we painted the walls grey, white with an accent wall in turquoise. The first table I had was a pretty round pedestal table. I love how the room looked and it all fit together. (See image below)

But it wasn’t functional when I bible study/journal, craft and create I use a lot of space. The table wasn’t big enough for me, I knew it wouldn’t work when I had my granddaughters here too. I also decided that I would focus more on my Etsy shop now too, which meant I needed more shelves for supplies. With that said, the round table is now in the Man Cave as a poker table.

Craft Room - Round Table

My room as it is today.

Work Areas - Windows Craft Room

There are now two tables as work areas, I bought a new one and had my pink one from my old craft room. I also got 2 – 4 shelf books shelves (they were $23 each on Amazon) to hold all my supplies. So for this room, I bought one table, 2 ladder bookshelves, and the two other shelves I mentioned. I am in love with the colors I decided to use for my new craft room.

The room has a decent sized walk-in closet and two big windows. They allow for a lot of natural light to come into the room. So as you walk into the room directly to your right I have a long white 6 drawer dresser. This piece was from our old house and was black. It’s now painted chalky white. I use this piece to store, my vinyl, felt, and supplies for products I sell on my Etsy shop. On top of it I have my new Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air 2 I already had. Shown in the image below.

White Dresser with Cricut Machines

Tour Continued.

Continuing on with my Craft Room Tour. Next, to the white long dresser, I have a 9 drawer wooden storage cabinet. I got this cabinet at our local Lighthouse thrift store for $15. It was brown and it holds 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper perfectly. So I keep all my pretty papers in this cabinet. On top of it, I have my heat press.

Along the turquoise wall there is one of the 4 shelved bookcases, then my pink table, another 4 shelved bookcases, and my rose gold cart. In the far corner, I stacked some of my pretty boxes and put a pink w/ gold heart pencil case on top. The window wall is open which works out perfectly when I am creating. Can’t really tell from the image below, but there is a large amount of space between the table and window.

Then we come to the walk-in closet. I currently have my sewing table in there with more supplies etc. I love having this closet as it helps keep the clutter down.

Work Area Front View
Closet in Craft Room

Almost Done!

Finally, we have the wall I call the TV wall. You can’t see it in the image (below) but the wall is equipped with a cord drop through etc for a TV. I am still debating a TV or not, it would be nice for when I am cleaning in here. But I still can’t justify spending the money on it.

Anyways this is my grey wall, I have my two ladder bookshelves filled with my Bibles and Bible studies. There are also 4 foldable cube storage boxes and my little bench. I got the bench from the Lighthouse thrift store for $5, it was brown with a beat-up upholstered bench. This is another one of the pieces I painted before we moved. I also reupholstered the bench part before moving as well.

Ladder Book Shelves

Craft Room Tour Final Thoughts.

I love my new craft room and I am so happy the Hubby suggested I’d have it. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better husband, I am forever grateful for him.

During my planning I had a vision of colors/design etc. but the round table just didn’t work out. This has taught me a lesson, it may be pretty but is it has to be functional as well. I also learned that pink and black aren’t the only pretty colors, I love turquoise too!


My little crafting buddy still hangs our with me, as long as Noah isn’t home. Then she hangs out with him. I call her a trader, but I am also the one that disciplines her when she’s a naughty pup too. So . . . I get it.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the tour of my new craft room. I can’t wait to share our Game Room/ Mancave, the sitting room and the rest of our house. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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