Daily Chores for Keeping Your House Clean

Daily Chores for Keeping Your House Clean

Who likes spending hours daily cleaning and re-cleaning your house? Certainly not me! Although, I have found myself doing this many times. Then, I came up with an easier way by doing Daily Chores that help keep our house looking clean in between the “big cleaning days”. I thought it would be nice to pass along some of the things that work for me.

Daily Chores – Bedrooms

Here are a few daily chores that we do to help keep our bedrooms looking clean, before that “big cleaning day”.

  • Make Beds
  • Pick up any clothes/shoes that are scattered around (weekends are bad here)
  • Clean the clutter off nights stands and dressers
  • Quick Vacuum or Sweep if you have hardwood floors.

These things are done daily in our house, let your children be big helpers too. Things like making the bed, picking up clothes/shoes, and decluttering night stands/dressers are easy for children to do. As early as 4 they can already start learning to be big helpers. It’s also so adorable watching them making their bed.

Daily Chores for Bathrooms

I think I spend the most time cleaning our tubs, showers, sinks, and counters here. We have 3 full baths, one of which is a huge master bath and then we have a half bath on the lanai. To say the least, the bathrooms are time-consuming. But by doing the following things daily it’s helped with keeping them clean in between those “big cleaning days”.

  • Shower Stalls, Tubs and Sinks – spray with a scrubbing bubbles type cleaner or a vinegar and water solution. Let sit for a few and rinse
  • Mirrors – Do a quick cleaning mostly around the bottom edges where toothpaste, water splatters get.
  • Sweep and grab the trash on your way out.

Again have the kiddies help at least with gathering the trash. I like to use small bags that can be tied and left outside each bathroom door. I can then have the granddaughters walk down the halls gathering the little bags. They can also put a new bag in the trash can too.

Daily Chores for Living Room – Family Room

These areas are the second place that our family gathers too on the weekends. Even so, these rooms don’t get too messed up surprisingly. But then again, I am pretty strict when it comes to drinks/food in these areas. My rule is: If you bring a cup or a little snack with you, you’re taking the empty stuff back to the kitchen.

With that being said I don’t do too much in between my “big cleaning days” and regular days.

  • Fluff couch pillows and fold the throws
  • Put remotes back on their chargers
  • Quick dust on furniture
  • Vacuum (if it needs it)

The granddaughters are good at fluffing pillows, putting remotes back, dusting and they are learning the vacuuming. We have 2 Roombas but I still like to vacuum the area rug because of LaLa (our mini American Eskimo pup) sheds so much. I might be a tad bit overly obsessed with not having pup hair on the floor.

Daily Tasks for Kitchen

I saved the kitchen for last because it usually involves a bit more work. In most houses the kitchen is another place that people gather. The food is there I mean why not, right?

Anyways if you’re like me your kitchen probably gets cleaned/cleaned daily and not just on “big cleaning days”. But when everyone is at work/school etc. and it’s just me using it during the week I do a little less daily. Below are the things I do on a daily basis in the kitchen.

  • Wash the dishes/unload the dishwasher
  • Wipe the counters, stove and refrigerator doors
  • Sweep/Mop
  • Take out the trash

I do these tasks daily which takes about an hour and a half. This helps keep my big cleaning day easier and keeps our home looking clean in between. I hope this was helpful to you and makes your cleaning days a little easier.

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Thank you!
OXOX Debbie

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