DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray

DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray - FaithCraftsandCoffee

Hello Loves! It’s been a while since I shared a DIY or craft, so here I am sharing this easy DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray craft. This tray is great for year-round decorating, but perfect for Fall and Christmas decorating! Honestly, I think I am obsessed with Buffalo Plaid and have been gathering a nice little collection. Anyways the below image shows the supplies I used to create the tray. Don’t worry though I provide a list as well as links to some of the items on Amazon.

DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray Supplies- FaithCraftsandCoffee

DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray

Most of the supplies you can buy at Walmart, and any supplies I’ve gotten from Amazon I will list at the bottom of this article. You can also create this DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray by upcycling another tray or thrift store tray.

You’ll need the following items:

Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Chalk Paint – White
Wooden Tray or Upcycle/Thrift Store Tray
Buffalo Plaid Fabric or Cardstock
Letter Monogram – You can print something or if you have a Cricut cut your own. I used my Cricut to cut mine.


First, you’re going to paint the outside edges, bottom and inside edges of your tray. Don’t worry about painting the inside bottom, that area will be covered with the buffalo plaid anyways. Set it aside to dry or use your heat tool or hair dryer for quicker drying time.

Next, you’re going to cut the fabric or cardstock to fit the bottom inside of your tray. Either print out your monogram or create it with your Cricut. Now you’re going to apply a thick but workable coat of Mod Podge on the inside bottom of the tray. Next, start sitting the fabric or cardstock in place on top of the Mod Podge. Start at the upper corner and slowly lay it into place.

This is a bit tricky but work slowly, if your Mod Podge dries before you’re finished just brush a bit more on. If you have any wrinkles after you’ve got it in place use the edge of a credit card, or the bottom of a glass to gently smooth them out.

Now, it’s time to add your monogram. Put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the area you are putting your monogram. Lay it directly on top of it, and press firmly into place. Then apply another layer of Mod Podge to the entire area, and let dry overnight.

DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray 1- FaithCraftsandCoffee

DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray

After letting your tray overnight, it’s ready to display. This tray will look great on the coffee table with some mini pumpkins, little glass jars or candles. The possibilities are endless. Keep it displayed year-round and add seasonal knick-knacks. You could even put a picture hanger on the back and hang it in the foyer. I love our tray!

If you need any of the supplies here’s the list I promised. I love getting my supplies from Amazon, their prices are great and I normally get everything in two days or less.

These may contain affiliate links, but don’t worry it won’t cost you more to buy from my links. By purchasing your supplies from the links provided you will be helping out Faith Crafts and Coffee.
DIY Buffalo Plaid Tray 2- FaithCraftsandCoffee

Final Thoughts

Again this tray can be used year-round, just style it with different decor pieces for that season. You can also leave off the monogrammed letter and the tray still looks pretty. These also make great housewarming gifts, hostess gifts too.

Looking for an affordable gift for a family or friend? How about making one of these trays for them. You can use any style of fabric or cardstock to suit their style.

If you loved this DIY – Craft you’ll want to check out my Fall Dollar Tree Craft – Buffalo Plaid Covered Pumpkins. Also, please follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Don’t forget to share it with your crafty, DIY’ing friends too. Come back tomorrow I’ll be sharing an easy DIY Burlap Table Runner.

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