DIY Fall Table Runner – Burlap and Felt

DIY Fall Table Runner - Featured at FaithCraftsandCoffee

Hello Loves! Happy Sunday! Today I am want to share an easy DIY Fall Table Runner project I did last week. This no-sew project not only was easy peasy but it turned out great too! Most of the items used to create it were bought from the Dollar Tree too, so it won’t cost an arm and leg to make either.

DIY Fall Table Runner - Featured at FaithCraftsandCoffee

DIY Fall Table Runner

Again, this was an easy peasy DIY and I made 2 Fall table runners in less than an hour. You’ll need the following items to create both table runners shown in this article. Most can be bought at the Dollar Tree. If you need to purchase any of the items listed, you can click on the links provided. You’ll be taken directly to Amazon. These are the best prices unless otherwise mentioned.

Items Needed:

Burlap Roll 12″ X 36″ per table runner or more for a longer runner
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Wired Pip Berry Garland you can also get this at Michaels
2- Packs of Felt Leaves – Dollar Tree Find
Jute Burlap Ribbon
Scrap piece of wax paper

If you purchase from any of the links provided Faith Crafts and Coffee will get a small $ amount for referring customers to Amazon.

DIY Fall Table Runner - Supplies Needed

DIY Fall Table Runner – Let’s make it!

First, you need to decide how long you want your runners. I made mine 36″ as I was putting one on the TV console and the other on the coffee table. Then cut two pieces that length from the burlap roll. After that plugin your gun glue so it gets nice and hot.

While you’re waiting for the glue gun to heat up, cut four pieces of the jute ribbon the same width of your burlap pieces. Place the wax paper under your pieces of burlap, then hot glue the jute ribbon to the edges of both burlap pieces. Press down on them firmly to make sure they are secured to the burlap. See the below image for an example of what I mean. Do this for both burlap pieces you cut.

DIY Fall Table Runner - Edges Jute Ribbon

Making the table runners cont.

After you’ve gotten both of the edges all fancied up with the jute ribbon it’s time to add the leaves. Decide which leaves you’d like to use, you’ll need two of each one you’re using per runner you’re making. I used 4 different leaves for my runners. But put the same leaves on each end. See the below image for an example.

Secure them with hot glue, I put glue all over the areas of the leaves that touched the burlap. I don’t want them to fall off while in storage. Press them firmly in place. Again do this for both table runners you’re making.

DIY Fall Table Runner - Leaves

After you’ve added the leaves it’s now time to add the garland. I added mine just below the leaves but above the edge of the jute ribbon. Again, press down firmly on each piece so that they are secured to the runner. Do this step for both runners.

Adding the bow, create a bow out of your jute ribbon the size you like. Then attach it to the runner with hot glue, making sure to press it firmly into place. I put a bow on only one of my runners. But if you like the bow on both them you’ll need to do this step for both.

That’s all there is to do! You’ve just created two beautiful fall burlap table runners. You’ll probably have enough burlap and ribbons to make a few more runners. I’ll be making my Christmas runners mid-November so save the materials and come back then.

DIY Fall Table Runner - #DIY #Falldecor #bows

Final Thoughts

These were super easy to make and look great. I love making things on the cheap, but they look like I paid more for them. This is one of those crafts. The most expensive thing to making these runners is the burlap for the runners themselves. Once you’ve got a roll of burlap you’ll be able to make at least 6 runners. Two for each major holiday.

If you plan ahead you can get all the felt embellishments from the Dollar Tree. Every time I got into one I grab these types of things, as I never know when I will want/need them. They also don’t last all season either, so I grab them while I can.

If you enjoyed this easy peasy DIY be sure to come back often as I am always sharing something. Feel free to share this article with anyone you know that might like to make their own table runner.

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Many Blessings!
Deb ~

DIY Fall Table Runner - #DIY #Falldecor 1
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