Faith Planner Layout for this week

Faith Planner

Hello Loves! I am here today to share my Faith Planner Layout for this week. I am enjoying my newly found love for the Stalogy365 as my War Binder – Faith Planner. It’s turning out to be the best decision I’ve made for my faith journey journaling.

Faith Planner Layout for this Week

I try to keep the pages simple, but appealing. I didn’t add my prayer card pocket for this week yet, as I am finding they get in the way when I am writing. So, from now one I’ll add them as I go.

Faith Planner Layout for this Week 2

Again, very simple with a little distress ink on the edge of my pages, and a strip of pretty antique rose washi tape at the corner edges. Mostly the pieces of washi tape are to add a little color and simple prettiness to my pages.

Faith Planner Layout for this Week

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to add more color and a few die cuts to document the holiday of Love.

 Faith Planner Layout for this Week 1

As I was adding the pink to the pages, it kept distributing in a line. Not really the look I was trying to create, but what can you do? So I added some beige distress ink over it hoping to smooth it out a little.

I then added some little dots and crosses along the edges, and a few hearts and some cute little smoots inspired from a Studio Ghibli anima.

Layout this week continue

To finish off my week, it’s simple again. Litte edge of color and some washi tape at the edges/corners. Again, as I mentioned above I’ll add my prayer pockets as I go, they seem to get in the way otherwise. Below is the video of my layout #afterthepen for last week.


Faith Planner Layout for this week. Final Thoughts

Some weeks I go all out and add loads of colors, a die cuts to each page. Then other weeks I like to keep it simple, uncluttered, etc. After I’ve added my prayer pockets this week, my pages will look a bit more decorated.

Did you know that if something is appealing to you, you’re more likely going to use it? That’s one of the reasons I like to add color and pretty things to the pages of my Faith Planner/ War Binder. But I am also a very visual person, so pretty things always catch my attention. I’ve spent some time cleaning my craft room – war room and will be sharing my current room layout and some new pretties I’ve found.

How do you decorate your faith planner – war binder pages? Do you believe that when the pages are pretty you’re more likely to use it? How have you changed up things this week, over last week?

Grateful & thankful you’re here!

I am thankful that God has led you here today. 2020 is going to be a big year for my walk with God, and for Faith Crafts and Coffee! I will be sharing more articles on my War Binder and my Faith Journey.

We have a new series called Bible Study Braindumps. Of course, there are the Bible Journaling, and Bible Study Plans articles, and so much more! Bookmark us and come back often! I’ll be sharing more layouts, monthly after the pen videos, etc. You can find all of my videos on YouTube so be sure to follow me there.

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~ Many Blessings ~

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