Fall Dollar Store Crafts – Fabric Covered Pumpkin

Fall Dollar Store Crafting - Fabric Covered Pumpkin

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably already know that I am a big Dollar Store Crafter. Every month I rush to the Dollar store to find the perfect addition to my monthly craft. Sometimes I walk in knowing what I am making, while other times I let things jump out at me. This past trip I grabbed a few things, and one of them was a couple of orange styrofoam pumpkins. And that my loves is why I am here today rambling on and to share another one of my Fall Dollar Store Crafts – an easy fabric covered pumpkin DIY.

Fall Dollar Store Crafting - Fabric Covered Pumpkin

Fall Dollar Store Crafts – Fabric Covered Pumpkin

This is a super easy DIY, but it’s a little messy because you’re using Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the pumpkin. But so worth it.

You’ll need the following items to create this craft.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin (as many as you want to create)
Fabric – I used a buffalo plaid print
Mod Podge (glossy or matte you decide)
Paint Brush (for Mod Podge)
Paper to cover your work area
Baby Wipes (easy clean-up)
Glue Gun & Glue Stick (optional)


Cut the fabric into strips, it doesn’t matter how wide but make sure they are the length of the pumpkin. They need to go from top to bottom on the pumpkin.

Remove the plastic stem from the pumpkin, they come out easily and go back in without any issues later.

Apply a coat of Mod Podge the width of your strips, going from top to bottom of the pumpkin. Place a strip of fabric over the mod podge, and press down to secure it in place. Don’t worry about any wrinkles, folds, etc. This actually gives the pumpkin character.

At the top of the pumpkin take your scissors and push the ends firmly into the hole. If they won’t go in just press them as close to the hole as possible. On the bottom, fold the ends inward toward the center. Repeat this process until the entire pumpkin is covered.

Set aside and let dry, once the pumpkin is dried you can push the stem back into place. At this point, if you wanted to you could add a little glue on the stem. I didn’t and my stem stays in perfectly. There you have it! Now you’re ready to start decorating for Fall. This project can be done using scrapbook paper and ribbon too. You can also use napkins and other embellishments. Just use your imagination and get creating.

Fall Dollar Store Crafts - Fabric Covered Pumpkin - Supplies

Final Thoughts

Again, this was a super easy DIY to do. Although we purchased the items from the Dollar Store, the end result doesn’t look even close to Dollar Store buys. Plus they don’t cost as much as some of the Fabric Covered Pumpkins I’ve seen.

Want to get really fancy find some scrap velvet and cover one in velvet. Trust me you’ll be surprised at how much some of the velvet fabric covered pumpkins are going for.

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