Game Room Reveal – New Home

Game Room Reveal - New Home

I am super excited to start sharing some of the rooms in our new home. For now, I have the Game Room Reveal! Which is probably one of my favorite transformations from the original state to now. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be revealing more transformations of our home.

Game Room Reveal Original 1 - New Home

Game Room Reveal – Before

The above image is how the game looked when we bought our new house. Obviously, none of the furniture stayed, this picture is the one that was on the sales ad of our home. It’s taken at the top of the stairs just at the doorway.

I love this room for its size, it’s perfect for entertaining, and a great place for the granddaughters to chill. The windows allow a lot of natural lighting in the room too. It’s been given the official name of Game Room but the Hubby keeps calling it the Man Cave.

Game Room Original- New Home

The above image was taken from the corner/diagonally from the door. Again all the furniture was the previous owners and didn’t stay with the house.

Game Room Reveal – After

I wanted our game room to be fun, to represent us now (locations, interests, etc.) and also show some of our roots. After a lot of thought, I decided to go with white, black, and gold walls. Can you guess what scheme it represents? Well, how about a little peak?

Game Room Reveal - New Home -1

This picture was taken at the top of the stairs at the doorway, into the room. The white walls at the windows really brighten the room. So do you think you can guess why the colors white, gold, and black? I’ll give you another peek. Oh, the pool table was one thing that the previous owner left for the girls. They love it and play all the time, it also becomes an air hockey and ping pong table.

Game Room Reveal - New Home 2

Game Room Reveal – Another Angle

The newest addition to the game room is the popcorn machine. We used to have McConnell Movie Nights but stopped for reasons I don’t know. But I think now with the game room we’ll start the tradition again.

The yellow entertainment stand you see in the above image is also a fireplace heater. Then there is a full sized futon in case an extra bed is needed. I also put some storage ottomans in there that double up as seating. The black tall thing in the corner and the black box thing next to it are speakers which are hooked into the surround system in the house.

So on the left side of the TV there is a black and white skyline of Tampa Bay, and the right there is one of Pittsburgh. Tampa represents our current home and Pittsburgh where Kevin grew up.

Just to the right (on your screen) of the popcorn machine, there is Bucs decor. That wall will eventually be decorated in Bucs stuff, the far left will be Tampa Bay Lightning and the Rays.

Almost done

Game Room Reveal - New Home 4

Then on the right side of the room, we have Steelers decor. So probably by now, you’ve got the white and black and gold scheme as the Steelers colors. Right? But it also represents the Bucs too on the left side, with the black and white with the touches of red. You can barely see the door/stairs in the above picture.

The bookshelves which we got from Ikea are filled with movies, books, and family games. Now for the gold wall, I was hesitant on this color at first. But I absolutely love it now.

Game Room - New House 5

You can see more of the red color pops on the Bucs side in this image. That white circular shelf in the corner is actually our Christmas Village stand. We decided before moving from our old house, that I’d keep it up the year long and decorate it with the seasons.

The Game Room came together nicely! Don’t you think? I will be added more Lighting, Rays, Pirates, and Penguins decor as I find stuff that works. I’ll keep everyone updated and share as I go.

Stick around to see more of Our Home as I reveal different rooms. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest so you never miss an article.

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OXOX Debbie

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