Halloween 2019 Granddaughter’s Costumes

I wanted to share our Halloween 2019 Granddaughter’s Costumes with everyone before it got too late. My granddaughter Kayden loves Harry Potter, she’s in 6th grade and has already completed reading the full set of books. She’s an amazing little girl. This year we created her a Ravenclaw costume from thrift store finds.

Halloween 2019 - Kayden 2

Halloween 2019 Granddaughter’s Costumes – Izzy

Isn’t she just the cutest Ravenclaw witch? This girl loves her some Harry Potter! My other granddaughter Izzy wanted to be a witch too! But her costume was from a Studio Ghibli movie. She was Kiki a good witch that delivers packages on her broom. So stinking cute!

Izzy Halloween 2019

They went to a Halloween carnival then came to our house to Trick or Treat. By then they were sweaty and getting tired, but did walk up a couple of streets in our neighborhood. We hung out at home giving out candy.

Our Grandaughter’s Costumes with me


Our Halloween 2019 Granddaughter’s Costumes look so cute! The above image is of the girls and I. I definitely look like a grandma for reals, but one that is loved so very much. I am blessed beyond measure that the time I get to spend with these two girls. We love them so much.

Our Granddaughter’s with Grandpa


Grandpa using a voice changer and they are a bit amused by him. He loves these girls to pieces! I am afraid to admit, but they definitely have him wrapped around his little finger. Shhh… don’t tell him.

Halloween 2019 - Night Lights

Here’s how our house looked on Halloween night. I love the purple lights! Did you decorate for Halloween this year? Plan on doing it next year?

Kayden-Izzy Halloween 2019

Here are the girls together at the carnival. Kayden looks super tired, but I know she had a fun night with her sister and mom. We hope you had a great Halloween this year and your costumes turned out just as adorable as these two.

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