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Hello World - Faith Crafts and Coffee

Hello World! Welcome to Faith Crafts and Coffee a rebrand of Debbie’s Musings. The main reason for the rebranding is that Faith Crafts and Coffee better represents the direction I am taking with my blog. I am excited you’re here. Being this is my first article here at Faith Crafts and Coffe I’ve decided to share what it’s all about.  

Hello World and Welcome – Behind the name

I should probably start explaining why I named my site Faith Crafts and Coffee. I mean it’s pretty easy to figure out, but it sounds so much nicer with my stories. Really, trust me!

Faith has become a big part of my world, and I’ve only recently come back to it. What made me venture back and start this Faith journey? Mostly it was because I felt like I was never satisfied, I saw myself walking even running and going absolutely nowhere. I needed something to ground me when nothing else could. So I picked up a devotional called Jesus Calling and started reading it daily. Very quickly I found what I needed and started what I know to be a life long journey with God.

The Crafts part of my site’s name is what has kept my mind busy. Since childhood, I have always been very creative. So much so that my mind still even today keeps me up at night with all it’s little ideas. Creating and crafting has been a big outlet for me to keep what I’ve referred to as the “crazies” at bay. I have incorporated my creativity with my Faith and now have a shop called Clover Dew Boutique. But I also use my creativity in my Bible Studies and Bible Journaling Pages.

Aah and now for Coffee! I love coffee and probably . . . might . . . well maybe drink more than I should. Honestly, I can say that I just enjoy the taste of coffee. A hot cup of coffee with a bit of French Vanilla cream or straight up half and half is just fine for me. Sugar isn’t something I add to my coffee just cream, please. Flavored coffee like blueberry vanilla and butter pecan are my favorites.

Hello and Welcome – More info.

Now that you’ve got the low-down on why I named my site Faith Crafts and Coffee, go ahead and have a look around. It’s all fairly shiny and new, but don’t worry I am good at creating, talking, sharing, and well just wait and see you’re going to love it here! Promise 🙂

Below is a list of some of the articles you’ll find here soon at Faith Crafts and Coffee.

Faith – (You saw that coming. . . huh?) mostly it will be about Bible Studies I’ve done, books I’ve read, and different verses that have stood out to me. This topic may expand to more but, for now, it’s more so sharing things.

Crafts – there will be tons of crafts being shared on here. I do a lot of DIY’s, crafts with my granddaughters, seasonal crafts, and tons of knock-off crafting. Oh. . . and don’t let me forget Dollar Store crafting it’s one of my favorites.

Bible Journaling – I love sharing Bible verses I’ve journaled on it in the hope of inspiring others.

Home Decor – We just bought a new home which is twice the size of our previous home. This means there are loads more spaces to fill and tons more crafting to do. Can’t wait to give the official tour!

There will probably be a few see what my granddaughters did today, look at what my granddaughters are doing now, and probably more granddaughter articles of them just being super adorable! Plus a few recipes, fitness, LaLa (she’s my mini American Eskimo pup) articles tossed in here somewhere. Follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Anyways I guess I’ve rambled on enough. Thanks again for dropping by!
Hello, World from Faith Crafts and Coffee!

OXOX Debbie

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