Kirkland’s Fall Decor Knockoff

Kirkland's Fall Decor Knockoff

It’s never to early to start Fall crafting! Especially since the stores have been teasing us for a month now. I’ve actually made several fall crafts but, today I am sharing an easy Kirkland’s Fall Decor Knockoff DIY. This is such as easy DIY and very affordable to make. Below is my version of the item I found at Kirkland’s.

Kirkland's Fall Decor Knockoff

Kirkland’s Fall Decor Knockoff

This was super easy to create and took about 10 minutes from start to finish. The following items were needed to create this knockoff.

Chalk Paint – White and Grey
Paint Brush
Ribbon & Jute Twine
Thankful decal (made on my Cricut) or hand lettering skills
Wooden Pumpkin Cut-out (Dollar Tree)
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Kirklands Fall Decor Knockoff - Supplies

Again this is super easy to create! Below are the instructions.

Paint the wooden pumpkin with the white chalk paint, do both sides. Once it’s dried you’re going to take the grey chalk paint and dry brush grey strokes to create a wood-grain looking pattern. Set aside to dry. While the pumpkin is drying, make the thankful decal and plug in your glue gun.

Once the pumpkin is fully dried, start that the base of the stem and add a thin strip of glue. Place the jute twine onto the glue and push down to secure, wrap the twine around to the other side of the stem and add glue. Continue this process until you’ve reached the top of the stem.

When you’ve finished adding the twine, tie a bow with the ribbon at the base of the stem. Add you’re decal or hand-letter the word thankful to the front of the pumpkin. You can add any other embellishments you’d like at this point. See easy peasy and it might cost you $5 at the most to make. I had all the ribbon, vinyl for the decal, and paints. I spent $1 to make this knockoff of a Kirkland’s item sold for $16.99.

Kirklands Fall Decor Knockoff

DIY Fall Decor – Welcome Friends Pumpkin

I bought 3 of the wooden pumpkins from the Dollar Tree. I wished I had gotten more now. This would be an easy “Fall Craft Night” project. So with the other 2 pumpkins, I created a Buffalo plaid covered one (I am sharing that one later), and a welcome friends pumpkin.

Do all the same steps as creating the thankful pumpkin. But instead, write the words welcome friends, or create a decal with your Cricut. There you go! Simple affordable fall DIY decor. I love how my welcome friend’s pumpkin turned out. I like the ribbon and how my bow looks.

Welcome Friends Pumpkin

Kirkland’s Fall Decor Knockoff – Final Thoughts

I love when I can create something similar to some of the more expensive items I’ve fallen in love with. This pumpkin wasn’t too expensive at Kirkland’s but instead of buying it, I was able to grab up another item I wanted.

The next time you’re out shopping and you find something you like, think first “Can I make this?” then ask yourself, “Is it more affordable to make or buy?” If you can and it’s affordable, try making it. The satisfaction of looking at something you made later is so worth the effort of making it. Trust me 🙂

I have tons of Dollar Tree Crafts, and more Knockoffs to share. Follow along so you don’t miss out on my next craft. You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

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