Low Carb Chocolate Cream Dessert

Low Carb Chocolate Cream Dessert

We are low carbing again and like always I have to get creative. Not only with meals for the hubby because he’s not a cheese eater, but also my sweet tooth. I make this delicious Low Carb Chocolate Cream Dessert every time I am low carb eating. It’s a light, fluffy, chocolatey delicious treat even the kiddies like it.

Low Carb Chocolate Cream Dessert

Low Carb Chocolate Cream Dessert

This is an extremely easy dessert to make and only has 2 ingredients. Sugar-free heavy cream like Land O Lakes or your favorite brand. Then some natural unsweetened cocoa, I like Hershey’s brand.

Mixing cream and cocoa

In a small bowl squirt some of the heavy cream into it, next add about 1/2 tsp. of the cocoa. Mix well then squirt a little dollop of cream on top, and eat right outta the bowl you made it in. You’re going to absolutely love this dessert and it’s extremely low carb too!

Let’s look at the carbs in each ingredient. Below is the nutritional facts for the Cocoa. There are 3 total carbs and 2 dietary fiber per serving. To get the net carbs you need to subtract the fiber from the carbs. This gives you 1 net carb per serving of 1 tbsp.

Unsweetened Cocoa Carb Count

Carbs Cont.

Now let’s see what the carb count is in the Sugar-Free Heavy Whipped Cream. It’s labeled with 0 Carbs, so we don’t have to worry about figuring out the net carbs for it. So even if you were to use the full tablespoon of Cocoa you’d only get 1 carb. I haven’t tried a full tablespoon yet, because the 1/2 tsp. is always chocolatey enough for me.

Sugar Free Heavy Cream Carb Count

Low Carb Chocolate Cream Dessert for Everyone!

If you’re going to make this dessert for several people, they look amazing in those little dessert cups you can get from the $ store. As shown in the first image above. I added a little berry to the top to give a little pop of color.

This has been my go-to low carb dessert for years, and everyone loves it. I promise you and your family will too. I will be sharing plenty more Low carb recipes, so I’d like to invite you to follow along on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Many Blessings
~ Deb

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