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Hello Again Loves! I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and your weekend is filled with many blessings. Today I am here to share my new product, a new Ribbon Bookmark – Bible page marker. Which can be found in my Etsy Shop Clover Dew Decor. I am super excited about this new product, that I had to officially announce it here.


Ribbon Bookmark – Bible Page Marker

I came up with this idea one day when I was doing my Bible Studies. As I was looking up verses to support a devotional I needed to mark the verses, but I had forgotten my clips upstairs.

I needed something that would always be in my Bible in case I didn’t have my study supplies with me. That’s when I had the idea of a pretty ribbon. As I was cutting the ribbon, another idea came to my mind. Why not make it even prettier? So I added little colorful wooden beads and a cross to the lower ends. Viola! That’s how my new Ribbon Bookmarker – Bible page marker was born.


Other Designs Coming Soon!

Currently, you can only find the Ribbon Bookmark – Bible page marker shown in the images here on Faith Crafts and Coffee. But I will be soon creating different designs and adding them to Clover Dew Decor.

I have so many ideas for these and can’t wait to get them completed.


Ribbon Bookmark – Final Thoughts

This was such a good idea, and I am sure you’ll find that this Ribbon Bookmark is just as useful to you as well. These will come wrapped around pretty cardstock, in a little zipped locked craft bag. Which will make them perfect for gift giving.

Please have a look at Clover Dew Decor on Etsy as I have some other items that you may like. I will be adding more of these and loads more planner clips, Bible page clips, Bible journaling kits as well as Birthday party goodie bags, banners, decal sets and so much more!

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