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Hello Loves! Happy Tuesday! I am here today in hopes of inspiring others to start their own War Binder – Faith Journal by sharing mine. Honestly, my Faith journey, Bible studies and scripture learning has skyrocketed since I started using my war binder – faith journal.

My hopes are that you’ll take something from my sharing and your faith journey will also bloom. Speaking of Hope, that’s my word of the year! Did you pick out a word of the year? I do a word instead of a New Years Resolution. So I write this article with lots of Hope that you’ll find it useful in your own Faith journey.

War Binder – Faith Journal
What is it?

I am pretty sure that the War Binder was inspired by the movie/book War Room. If you haven’t seen/read the book, I can’t encourage more to do so. It was a life-changer for me, and one that I pick up often for a refresher. It’s a must-see movie and or read.

After watching the movie, I grabbed both the book and study guide. Seriously it’s taught me so much! Anyways it also inspired me to create my own War Binder – Faith Journal. My war binder has gone through many designs and re-designs.

From a notebook to an A5 planner and now probably my favorite a standard-sized Traveler’s Notebook. The below image shows both my A5 and my Traveler’s Notebook Faith Journals. Both of them were created in July of 2018. I still have them both but use the traveler’s notebook.

Faith Journal -2018

Sections I am currently using

Again, I am using a traveler’s notebook so my sections are divided up by the inserts. Currently, there are 6 inserts in my war binder. My first section is my Bible Studies/Daily Devotional insert.

I use this insert/section to write down notes from bible studies/devotionals. For the past year and a half, I have been using Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling (last half of last year) and Jesus Always devotionals (started the beginning of this year). These are awesome devotionals and are broken down by a daily lesson and verses.

Each day is one page of notes etc. in my inserts. I normally fill up an insert in 2 months, once an insert is full I’ll add another behind in and continue. Most of the time I keep 3 inserts for my daily devotionals after I have 3 filled I’ll remove the latest dated one and add a new one. Every page is labeled with the devotional/study and dated.

War Binder - Faith Journal - Devotional Note Insert

Inside my War Binder and more inserts.

The above image shows the inside my war binder – faith journal. I keep little clips to mark pages, as well as little note papers to jot down a verse or two. There are also inspiration cards etc., most of the time my inside cover is pretty tidy with minimum stuff. I love all the pretty stuff but find that it’s a distraction, and keeps me occupied with material things instead of the real purpose “time with God”.

I do create pretty things thou and love doing it in His name. You can find some of the pretty clips and cards in my Etsy shop – Clover Dew Decor.

Again the first area of my war binder is for my bible studies/devotionals. I normally use 3 inserts for this. The below image shows the back cover of insert 1 and the front of #2. Both are used for my studies/devotionals.

Inserts for my War Binder

Inserts section 4, 5 and 6

Section 4 is used for basic notes from things I’ve seen, someone suggested, and verses/books I want to do more research on. I am big on bettering my faith walk with the Lord, it’s important to me that I keep growing. So I am always doing research on how to learn more etc.

Examples of some of the things I want to do more studies on include: fear, anxiety, praying effectively, trusting, overcoming the hurdles, and being patient. I am horrible at being patient! So this is where you’ll find some of these things listed. I guess I could call this section “want to research” insert.

Research section - insert

Section 5 and 6 of my War Binder

Insert 5 is for my prayers, as I fill an insert up I remove it and store it. I then add a new insert for my prayers. One thing that I’ve learned is to always, always date your prayers.

It’s also nice to add in each prayer how God may have answered another prayer. It helps keep track of answered prayers. But I don’t have to go searching for my original prayer. Oh, and always date the outside of your inserts with start and end dates. This makes it much easier to go back when you do want to search.

Prayer Section

Final Section – My Word of the Year Hope!

This final section I use for notes, verses, etc. on my word of the year. I will change this section out each year, for my new word. Again, this years word is Hope.

I also include things I have hope for like I hope for a closer walk with God, my hopes are to inspire others to spend time in God’s word. In the below image you can see my cover for this section.

Word of the Year - Hope

Here are a few pages from my Hope section. I find it helpful to inspire others by sharing some of my notes, and ways I go about doing things. This by no means, means that my way is the only way or the best. It works for me and I have hope it inspires you to start your own faith walk with the Lord.

Hope insert Notes

Final Thoughts on War Binder – Faith Journal.

There is really no right or wrong way to create a War Binder – Faith Journal. It can be as simple as sheets of notebook paper stapled at the corner or so creative every page is full of pretty bows. But here are things that it should be: It should work for you, and it should help your journey.

From my own experience of having one, it’s been very beneficial to my faith journey. I can’t stress enough on how much mine has helped me.

If you need help with anything I’ve shared here today feel free to contact me Debbie at faithcraftsandcoffee@gmail.com. I am here to help and inspire in any way that I can. Also, don’t forget to grab a copy of War Room, your prayer life will learn so much.

I’d like to invite you to follow Faith Crafts and Coffee on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as Facebook.

May you be inspired to walk by faith, have hope in your walk and delight in the good Lord’s Word.


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