War Binder in a Stalogy 365

War Binder in a Stalogy 365

So this year I wanted to try something a little different with my War Binder. Instead of using the typical planner or notebook, I set up my War Binder in a Stalogy 365 planner. Honestly, I absolutely love it, in fact, I will probably use this type of setup for a good long time. Let me explain why.

2020 War Binder Setup - Grey Planner

War Binder in a Stalogy Notebook

In the above image, you can see my original War Binder for 2020. As I started using it I realized having so many inserts wasn’t what I wanted. What I really wanted and almost always had in mind was one notebook. See the second little notebook on top of my grey War Binder? That was one of my original Faith Planners – War Binders.

I didn’t continue using that setup, because I made that little notebook and I couldn’t find a cover for it. So, I moved on to what I thought was the next best thing, to a traveler’s notebook planner. That worked great for almost 2 years, then I stumbled upon the #stalogy365 hashtag on Instagram and was immediately turned on to the Stalogy brand notebooks. So that’s how I moved into this type of setup.

War Binder in a Stalogy 365

War Binder in a Stalogy 365 Notebook

Isn’t she a beauty? I am in love! So what’s the big fuss over this notebook? First, this notebook is basically a bullet journal, and there are so many journalers, planners, and faith-focused people using the Stalogy 365.

I think what turned me toward this bullet journal was the way I saw people using it. I can’t lie, I also loved how chunky these journals were toward the end of the year.

But, the most important aspect for me was it was a portable notebook, that had tons of pages. After drooling over everyone else’s I decided to get myself one to give it a try. There are different sizes, but I decided on the B6 size, which would fit nicely into my purse. You can see the size of her in the below image.

Bible Study Braindump

War Binder in a Stalogy 365 Bullet Journal

I don’t have sections in this War Binder set up. But it’s broken down into monthly sections. Each month I give the pages another little theme which is set by my mood. Then each month is broken down into weeks. I have been trying to get it all decorated and ready a week at a time.

Each page has the date, scripture, a little note card or pocket card that I write my prayer regarding the scripture and notes about the scripture. My notes are basically on what God’s trying to teach me, how I can use it in my own life, and a list of how I can use it in my relationships. In the below image you can see the front cover with my #wordoftheyear on it. The little pup is Ernie, he’s my Bible Study buddie.

War Binder in a Stalogy 365 - #woty

A peek at how I set up my weeks

Here’s a little peek at how I set up my weekly pages before the week starts. I start my weeks on Monday. Anyways, here’s week 1 of February in my War Binder. Below on the left is how I typically start a new month, pretty much just a page with the month and a little theme. The right side is 1-1-2020 page.

See the little pocket at the inside corner? I make on for each day and tuck the little prayer I mentioned above in it. All the embellishments along the upper and lower edges are little pieces of torn paper that I distressed the edges. Then I print out little wordfetti’s for the month and use them as I want. Oh! I almost forgot! I love… love how the paper feels!

February 1 - 9 2020 Before the pen spread

February 2-3 pages are below.

February 2-3 2020 Before the pen spread

Basically, the same concept for each day of the week, I use the same little pieces of paper and create little pockets for my prayer. Below is day 4 -5.

February 4-5 2020 Before the pen spread

War Binder in a Stalogy 365 – Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you get the concept of how I am using my Stalogy 365 bullet journal for my War Binder this year. I am really loving the idea of having all my faith journey for the year in one notebook. At the end of the year, I can store the filled notebook on the shelf. It will be filled with my thoughts, verses, mini prayers, and so much of me for an entire year. One notebook!

I’ll be sharing more layouts, monthly after the pen videos, etc. You can find all of my videos on YouTube so be sure to follow me there.

Did you change up the setup, type of planner or binder for your War Binder this year? Did you pick a word of the year? Mine is Joy and Bloom, I normally don’t have 2 words but these both work for my goals this year.

Grateful & thankful you’re here!

I am thankful that God has led you here today. 2020 is going to be a big year for my walk with God, and for Faith Crafts and Coffee! I will be sharing more articles on my War Binder and my Faith Journey. We have a new series called Bible Study Braindumps. Of course, there are the Bible Journaling, and Bible Study Plans articles, and so much more! Bookmark us and come back often!

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~ Many Blessings ~

Faith grows when we believe and when we declare God’s Word in our lives. And when we stand on His promises.

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