War Binder Sections – Travelers Notebook

War Binder Sections -Faith Crafts and Coffee

The first time I saw the word War Binder I was clueless as to what it was. Now that I know and I’ve used one for almost a year, I can’t live without it. So today I am going to explain my War Binder Sections in my traveler’s notebook War Binder.

War Binder Sections – Traveler’s Notebook

I have been using a Traveler’s Notebook as my War Binder for almost a year now. There have been a few changes in the sections I use, and changes to the actual traveler’s notebook cover. I had a pink patent one, a red patent one, my current mauve suede one and my newest pink gingham cover. Which I plan to set up for 2019.

I like the traveler’s notebook as my War Binder, for the following reasons.
– Portable: easy to grab and go.
– Size: fits perfectly in my mid-sized handbag
– Storable Notebooks: I will document my faith journey and save it all.

Anyways you’ll have to decide which format works best for your needs.

War Binder - Faith Crafts and Coffee

War Binder Sections

I have 7 inserts in my War Binder, oh an insert is the little notebooks used for a traveler’s notebook. Each notebook is a different section for documenting my walk with God.

This is how I have my sections set up:
1st – 3rd – yearly devotional study
4th – empty
5th – prayers
6th – gratitude
7th – word of the year study


I used to have a section for prayer requests, and bible verses but it just all seemed like unnecessary notebooks/money. Finding the right set-up and which sections to have is all based on what works for you. It’s also very much a trial and error system too. Each season of our faith your needs change, so will your sections.

War Binder Sections 2

Honestly, I also believe as I grow in my faith I find myself documenting my walk with God differently. Before I’d use long-winded pages of and pages of notes. Now I make my notes simple but understandable.

War Binder Word of the Year Section

War Binder Sections – Final Thoughts

I love my War Binder and honestly feel that it’s helped me grow so much more in my faith. I struggled with praying often and now that I write them down I am getting better. The verses I am learning stick with me more since I started keeping a War Binder. Most importantly it’s giving me extra time with God and in His word.

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Many Blessings
~ Deb

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